Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association

LONA Bylaws

These bylaws were adopted at the LONA General Meeting on January 14, 2004

1. Name

Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association (LONA).

2. Purpose

The Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association exists to promote a safe and strong community.

3. Boundaries (no changes made)

The Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association which exists to promote a safe and strong community, is a non-profit association of property owners and residents of the following area: Beginning at the intersection of Texas Plume Road and Spicewood Springs Road, go northeast on Spicewood Springs Road to Research Boulevard; go southeast (right) on the frontage road, turn west (right) on Barrington Way and immediately southeast (left) on Jollyville Road; turn southwest (right) on Oak Knoll Drive; go until it dead-ends--the boundary continues on Lost Horizon Drive, just southwest of the dead-end; go southwest on Lost Horizon to Rain Creek Parkway; go northwest (right) on Rain Creek Parkway to the intersection of Rain Creek Parkway and Fireoak Drive; here the boundary follows a creek bed (often dry) northwest to the southeast end of Texas Plume Road; go northwest on Texas Plume Road to the intersection with Spicewood Springs Road.

4. Membership

4.1 Members

Membership in the association is open to all residents and property owners 18 years of age and older within the boundaries of the association.

4.2 Dues

Members of the association pay no dues. The association accepts voluntary contributions in order to pay for association expenses. Example expenses include: newsletter processing/printing/postage, general meeting facility fees, sign printing, banking fees, web site hosting, and special projects.

4.3 Voting

Members may vote at association meetings or by ballot. Each Member may cast one ballot per election. Voting on certain referendums, however, may be limited to one ballot per household.

4.4 Honorary Members

By majority vote of the association Board, honorary membership in the association may be granted to persons who have significant interest within the association's boundaries. These Members may include, but are not limited to, business owners in close proximity to the LONA boundaries. Honorary Members have no vote.

5. Board

The business and affairs of the Association are managed by the Board, which consists of the following officers: President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The Officers are elected by the Members annually. Vacancies occurring in the Board are filled by nomination of the President and assent of the Board. Officers serve without compensation and must be Members of the Association.

Officers are expected to attend all general and Board meetings. Any officer other than the President who is unable to attend a meeting should notify the President in advance of the meeting. If the President is unable to attend a meeting then he/she should appoint another officer to preside at that meeting. Communication between Board Members is by telephone or e-mail.

5.1 Duties of Officers

5.1.1 President

Preside at all general and Board meetings. Facilitate cooperation with other associations, school districts, and government agencies. The President will serve as the official spokesman for the Association. 

5.1.2 Vice Presidents

The First and Second Vice Presidents will be assigned duties by the President. The duties will include, but are not limited to: parks, history, community activities, membership, nominations, elections, bylaws, transportation, neighborhood watch, and education.

5.1.3 Secretary

Prepare and record the minutes of the general and Board meetings. Ensure the minutes are preserved and available to the Members of the Association. Recommend content to include in the Association newsletter. Assist with elections. Assist Board in recording membership within the Association. Submit meeting minutes to webmaster 72 hours after all meetings to post online. 
5.1.4 Treasurer

Is responsible for the Association's financial records, bank accounts, and payment of expenses. Performs an annual audit and completes tax form The Treasurer and President are the only officers entitled to write and sign check on behalf of the Association.

5.1.5 Past President

The most immediate past President of the Association is a Member of the Board.
5.2 Election, Tenure, and Removal

Officers are elected by the Members at an annual meeting and serve until the next annual meeting. An Officer may be removed by a vote of the majority of all the Officers.

6. Meetings
6.1 General Meetings

A general meeting is held at least once per year. These meetings are for the election of Officers and the transaction of any other business. The time and place of the meetings are determined by the Board. The Board may call as many general meetings as needed.

6.2 Board Meetings

The Board meets at least quarterly. When possible, a one week notice of the Board meeting will be posted. The time and place of Board meetings are determined by the Officers.

 7. Committees

Standing and Special Committees are appointed by the President, with their reports and recommendations submitted to the Board for review and approval prior to publication in the newsletter or presentation at any meeting.

7.1 Standing Committees

The President has the authority to appoint the committee chairpersons. Committees are organized on a volunteer basis. All committee meetings are open to LONA Members.

7.1.1 Development

Organizes and implements fund-raising events for LONA.

7.1.2 Newsletter

Prepares a newsletter for distribution at the direction of the Board. The committee develops and maintains a distribution system as determined by the Board for the newsletter and other necessary neighborhood information, based on low-cost or volunteer labor, or bulk-mail service. The President has final approval of the newsletter.
7.1.3 Bylaws

Makes recommendations, as necessary, to the Board for changes to the bylaws.
7.1.4 Community Aesthetics

Receives from Members and honorary Members reports of possible violations of deed restrictions or other activities/practices that detract from the general aesthetics or safety of the community. Communicates these complaints to the appropriate residents/owners, maintaining anonymity of the complaining party(ies), with the goal of peaceful resolution.
7.2 Special Committees

Special committees may be formed as necessary by the Board or by motion from the floor at a General Membership meeting.

8. Parliamentary Authority

Rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order govern LONA in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the bylaws or any special rules of order LONA adopts.

9. Amendment

These bylaws may be amended by two-thirds vote at any General Meeting provided that notice has been given in one of two ways: a.) in writing to all Members at least two weeks in advance; b.) by announcement at the preceding General Meeting.

10. Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association, no class of Member will have any right nor will receive any assets of the Association. The assets of LONA will be permanently dedicated to a tax-exempt purpose. In the event of dissolution, LONA's assets, after payment of debts, will be distributed to an organization selected by the Board which is tax exempt under the provisions of Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code.

11. Privacy Policy

LONA respects the privacy of personally identifiable information and is committed to protecting the distribution of it. LONA uses personally identifiable information to better understand Member needs, interests, and to provide better service. Personal information is only used to support Member relationships within the Association. Personal information is not shared with other Members or outside vendors. However, LONA does employ other companies and people to perform tasks on its behalf and may need to share personal information with them in order to provide newsletter correspondence, etc. These outside vendors will not have any right to use personal information LONA shares with them beyond what is necessary to assist the Association. LONA will not sell, rent, or lease personal information to third parties.

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