Laurel Oaks Neighborhood Association

Join Our Yahoo! Group

As noted above, if you live within (or near) the shaded map, we consider you a member of our neighborhood association.

If you are reading this, you've already found our website; and although there's no substitute for face-to-face communication, you can also connect with your neighbors from the comfort of your home by joining our LONA Yahoo! Group. The Group has a Messages section, through which we exchange emails on topics of interest to the neighborhood, a Calendar upon which we post Association events, and more.

Although the Group's membership is quite active online, only about one-fifth of Association households are currently members of the Group, and we would like to increase participation. So if you're not yet a member, please join the conversation and tell your neighbors as well.


If you live near or the boundaries of our neighborhood, we are happy to count you as a member of our Neighborhood Association. As an informal association, we have no regulatory authority and collect no dues.